Blinded Sphinx Caterpillar

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Location:  Waynesville, OH
October 6, 2014
Caveats: NONE
Is this a huckleberry or walnut moth?
Kimberly Baker CIG
Park Ranger
Caesar Creek Lake
Louisville District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Blinded Sphinx Caterpillar
Blinded Sphinx Caterpillar

Dear Kimberly,
In our opinion, this is the Caterpillar of a Blinded Sphinx,
Paonias excaecata, and you can compare your image to this image on BugGuide.

1 thought on “Blinded Sphinx Caterpillar”

  1. Amazing!!! I have just this past year come across this Moth several times, in different sizes, and have been fascinated with it’s extraordinary beauty and form…but never knew what it was! Thank you for naming it for me!!! Blinded Sphinx’s are Awesome!!!


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