Bladder Cicada from Australia

Subject: Blue Cicada
Location: Queensland, Gold Caost Hinterland
November 25, 2012 5:12 am
Hi we found this next to a tree in our front yard (dead unfortunately)and have not been able to find a photo on the web showing the deep colour on the wings and thought that someone out there may enjoy the photo. Cheers
Signature: Blue Moon

Bladder Cicada

Dear Blue Moon,
Though there is a Cicada in Australia that is commonly called the Blue Moon because of its deep blue coloration, it has clear wings.  You can see an example on Cicada Mania.  Because of the wings on your individual, we believe it is a Bladder Cicada,
Cystosoma saundersii,  which we also found on Cicada Mania as well as in our own archives. There are additional photos and information on the Brisbane Insect website.  We are not certain what caused the bluish coloration of your individual.  Perhaps it is a combination of the lighting conditions in the shade as well as the result of metamorphosis that occurred just prior to its demise.

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  1. I have seen a 4-5 inch deep blue cicada in Bo Kaeo, Thailand that was so loud it frightened me. It sounded like a machine, but was a big bug- an incredibly beautiful blue moon cicada


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