Black Widow

It’s Katey, from class last summer. (Remember me? I’ve seen almost all the movies?) Anyway, I just moved to Highland Park and I’m finding black widows everywhere. Here are two pictures I took, they aren’t very good but I have a phobia of spiders and that’s the best I could do without passing out. They hang upside down in their web, very creepy. I’m positive they are black widows because I sprayed them (a lot!) and eventually they bellied up and I saw the hour glass. I tried to get a picture of that but my camera isn’t good enough (and I was still scared to get close).
See you at Art Center, have a nice break.
Katey Bright

Hi Katey,
Glad you are well. You can recognize Black Widows by their unique silhouette, which is evident in your photos. I let the Black Widows live where they want to in my Mt. Washington house. They build webs and stay in the webs. They are very shy, nocturnal and not aggressive. As long as you know where they are living, you can avoid them. Thanks for the photos and I’m glad you are well. Did you change your major?

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