Black Widow: Not quite Mature and a Mouse Spider

Black Widow? Strange Mark?
Hi Bugman,
I enjoy your site daily. We were cleaning out our Garage today and ran into this spider under some cardboard boxes. I assume it’s a Black Widow, but didn’t see any red on her. What I found interesting was the mark she has on her body. I thought it might just be a scratch of some sort, but was curious to see what you made of it. I can send you a larger picture if you want to zoom in more. I am located in Woodland Hills, California. I sent while you have been having trouble getting pictures and then I was looking at the site today and read the one part about the person posting the picture incase you didn’t get it in the email… And I thought "Why didn’t I think of that!"
Here is a link to the below spider I mentioned: Thanks so much,

Also if you might have the time, we have this spider very often in our house and we are always ushering them outside. I think it might be a wolf spider, but I can’t quite seem to find a wolf spider that looks like this one on your site? Thank you so much! I have your site as my default page because I love checking it everyday!

Hi Angela,
That works nicely for us. We hope to have our email attachments straightened out soon. This is a Widow. Immature females are gaily colored spiders with cream and red markings on their backs. As the spiders mature and molt, they loose the colors and eventually become glossy black. Your spider is nearing maturity. Your other spider is one that Charles Hogue, in his fabulous book Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, identifies as a Mouse Spider, Scotophaeus blackwalli. It is a European immigrant often found in homes where it hunts and does not build webs. While searching for online substantiation, we located a Frequently Encounted Spiders in California website that substantiates this identification.

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