Black Widow

Black widow picture + "bee" question
A friend told me about your site – it’s great!! I’ve been reading with a mixture of the creeps and fascination. Thank you for the informative site and terrific pictures. Speaking of pictures, attached is one of a black widow if you’d like more for your collection. We found this one on our outdoor grill (hence the “ Kenmore” logo) – much bigger than we had expected.
I also have a question – unfortunately no picture since we have moved recently. At our old house in San Jose , we used to have “bees” visiting our flowers – except these were so big and lumbering we called them “Bee-52s.” Their bodies were huge and shiny black (guessing an inch long?). They were so large their buzz sounded amplified and when they landed on flowers the whole limb would sag down. They seemed to be solitary – if another one came along they’d lumber over and chase them. Was this a bee and if so what kind? It was definitely interested in flowers (it loved the ones on our potato bush).
Thanks very much!

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for the Black Widow Photo and also your kind letter. We believe your bee is a female Carpenter Bee.

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