Black Swallowtail

More Black Swallowtail on Long Island, NY
August 22, 2009
Your site was very helpful in identifying a butterfly that has been flying around Bayville NY this summer. I took two more pictures which feel free to add to that section of the site.
This is a female Black Swallowtail flying near a tomato plant, southern exposure. The pictures may not show the yellow spots at the bottom of the tail.
Barry P. from Bayville, N.Y.
Bayville, New York (North Shore of Long Island)

Black Swallowtial
Black Swallowtial

Thanks Barry,
The feeling of movement in your photo is a nice departure from the static images we generally post.

Hi Sirs
Just happened to be on here when your reply came in.
You are very polite about the “feeling of movement”- sorry if it’s a little blurred, but if you are able to use it, feel free. In the past, I have seen Monarch butterflies and sometimes Tiger Swallowtails, but I can’t remember seeing these Black Swallowtails in previous summers. Usually I see them at the dunes on the beach. Our house is about 100 feet from the beach, so some similarities. I can add that we had torrential rain last night so the plants are very moist. This particular butterfly was exploring (sniffing?) a tomato plant, getting very fragrant about now.
I took the picture to send to my daughter, who is in Southern Florida visiting relatives, possibly going to “Butterfly World” near Fort Lauderdale, hence I came on your site (via Google image search for “butterfly” and “Long Island”) to identify the pix before sending to her. She is a teenager now, but used to go there when she was much younger, did a project in school re rain forest in first grade, etc so maybe all this will rekindle her interest in butterflies.
Barry D Parker

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