Subject: Hacklemesh Weaver Spider
Location: Central New York
July 7, 2014 6:53 pm
My mom found this spider in her ice cream churn that she kept in her basement and asked me to identify if it was dangerous or not. I took some pictures of it and released it into a pile of slate outside. From what I can tell, I’m pretty sure it is a female Hacklemesh Weaver Spider. Is my id of it correct and should she worry about them?
Signature: good son

What's That Spider???

What’s That Spider???

Dear good son,
Alas, we aren’t certain.  Your spider does resemble this female Hacklemesh Weaver,
Amaurobius ferox, that is posted to BugGuide, however the BugGuide individual seems to have longer and thinner legs than your individual.  Our first thought was female Southern House Spider, but BugGuide does not report them as far north as New York.  Perhaps one of our readers can assist in this identification.

Location: New York

One Response to Black Spider: Hacklemesh Weaver or Southern House Spider???

  1. Mar says:

    I know this was posted some months ago, but I too have a spider very much like this, however it has the bulbous boxer glove look in the front, because of this I believe mine is the male version. Anyway from what I been able to find online they do appear to be hacklemesh spiders of some form and they are poisonous but not dangerous to humans. They have a bite that stings like a bee and may cause discomfort, but it won’t kill us.

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