Black Soldier Fly

Subject: Mydas fly maybe?
Location: Easton ct
August 13, 2016 2:50 pm
These appeared in the house after roof work.
Any help appreciated !
Signature: Many thanks, chip

Black Soldier Fly
Black Soldier Fly

Dear Chip,
We actually believe that even though your image does not show the clear areas of the abdomen that are responsible for the common name of Window Fly, that this is a Black Soldier Fly,
Hermetia illucens, because of the white tarsi on the legs, which are evident in this BugGuide image.  Black Soldier Fly larvae develop in compost piles, and a nearby compost pile might have some relevance to the sudden appearance of Black Soldier Flies in your home.  Black Soldier Flies do not bite and they are considered harmless.

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