Black Purseweb Spider

Subject: Massachusetts Trapdoor Spider?
Location: South Central Massachusetts
July 10, 2016 11:00 am
I would be most appreciative if you could identify the spider I found last week walking on my garage floor. I have never seen this particular spider before. Could it be a northeast trapdoor spider? I let him go without harm, I love spiders.
Signature: Thank you!

Trapdoor Spider
Black Purseweb Spider

Though this might be a Trapdoor Spider in the genus Ummidia, based on images posted to BugGuide,  the genus seems to be primarily a southern genus with sightings as far north as Maryland on BugGuide.  We believe a much closer match is a Purseweb Spider in the family Atypidae, like this individual posted to BugGuide.  The Black Purseweb Spider, Sphodros niger, pictured on BugGuide looks like a perfect match to us and you are well within the documented range of the species according to BugGuide.  The spinnerets, the silk producing organs at the tip of the abdomen, are quite distinctive, as are the impressive chelicerae.  You may enjoy the information provided in the Angelfire pdf.

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  1. I believe I also found a black purse Web spider in Hope Valley Rhode Island. Just wondering if that is a normal spider for this area he looked like it had huge fangs.

    • Though BugGuide does not report Black Purseweb Spiders from Rhode Island, we don’t believe there is any barrier to them crossing the border from nearby Massachusetts.


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