Black Jezebel from Australia

Black Jezebel from East Coast Australia
Hi Daniel,
I see you are both very busy at the moment, but thought you might like to have a couple of photos of the Black Jezebel, Delias nigrina, found mostly on the East Coast of Australia. During the past month there have been quite a few of these butterflies in our yard, flying in and then dying. So, the two photos are of a dead Jezebel, female according to my butterfly reference book. The upper view is grey-white and black, the under view is beautifully coloured. Apparently they feed on misteltoe. Regards,

Hi Grev,
As we respond to our students when they ask if we are busy: “Never too busy for you!” Thanks so much for sending us your photos of the mysteriously deceased Black Jezebel. It surely is a lovely butterfly.

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