Black Corsair bites Canadian

Subject:  I got bit by this bug an i don’t know what it is
Geographic location of the bug:  Canada
Date: 06/28/2021
Time: 03:18 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hey so this bug bit me an idk if it’s A Black Corsair or a kissing bug
How you want your letter signed:  Not sure

Black Corsair

We just created another new posting with a Black Corsair, and that is what you have encountered.  This is not a Kissing Bug.  You have confused the two which is understandable as both are Assassin Bugs and both will bite, but according to BugGuide, unlike the Kissing Bug which spreads Chagas Disease, the Black Corsair:  “Can inflict a painful bite but does not feed on blood and does not transmit diseases.”

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