Black Caterpillar Hunter

Three bugs
Hi there, I found these critters in my backyard around my garage. After perusing your site (which is great by the way) my guess is the smaller guy is maybe a leaf beetle, the bigger black one maybe a borer (or hopefully a catapillar hunter) of some kind, and I know the yellow-on-black guy is a ladybird beetle larva, but haven’t found the species yet. Can you help me be more specific with these? Thanks,
Tim in Winnipeg, MB

Hi Tim,
We believe this is a Black Caterpillar Hunter, Calosoma sayi, but we will check with Eric Eaton since BugGuide lists it as a Southern species. You are correct on the Ladybird Beetle Larva and we are not sure what species the pupa is, but that could also be a Ladybird. Eric Eaton provided this confirmation: “Congratulations:-) Yes, those two are BOTH Calosoma beetles. I don’t know how to tell the species apart, myself. “

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