Black and Yellow Orb Weaver with Eggsack

Please help!
I have a big female spider living outside my house. It has attached itself to the back of the house. She has three sacs now. This morning I found her and the third baby sac on the back screen door. I don’t want to harm the spider but rather relocate it, BUT I really want to know what kind of spider it is. Please find the attached pic. I hope that you can help. Thank you.
Suffolk, VA

Hi Charlotte,
Your letter doesn’t really indicate why you feel it is necessary to relocate this magnificent Argiope aurantia who found an ideal location for her nursery. Argiope aurantia has numerous common names, that are sometimes confusing, like Garden Spider, Black and Yellow Orbweaver, and Golden Orbweaver. She can and will bite if provoked, but she is not a threat to you or your family.

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