Black and Yellow Mud Dauber

Subject: Bee/ant???
Location: Northwest, United States
July 27, 2013 4:22 pm
Came across a bug today that scared me soo bad! I’ve never seen anything like it.. Do you know what this is?
Signature: Chelsea

Black and Yellow Mud Dauber
Black and Yellow Mud Dauber

Hi Chelsea,
This is a Black and Yellow Mud Dauber,
Sceliphron caementarium, a solitary wasp that uses mud to construct a nest for its young that is provisioned with paralyzed spiders as food.  According to BugGuide:  “Nests may comprise up to 25 cylindrical cells, with typically 6-15 (up to 40) prey spiders per cell. The female may provide the cells with a temporary closure (a thin mud curtain) to keep out parasites while she is collecting prey. Once the cell is stocked, she lays an egg on one of the last prey and seals the cell with a thick mud plug. She may then add more mud to cover the entire cluster of cells.”  The Black and Yellow Mud Dauber is not an aggressive species, however it might sting if carelessly handled.

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