Biting Mites: Tropical Rat Mite or Tropical Fowl Mite???

Biting us!!!!
Location: Sacramento, CA
June 17, 2011 6:31 pm
We live in Sacramento, CA. We have a 9 month old sweet boy. We have all been getting bitten at night for a couple of weeks. This morning, we noticed maybe 20 or 30 of these little bugs on a white pillow, and on us. Were positive these guys are biting us. Upon a thorough search of the bedroom, under bed, under and on mattress, we have found NOTHING??!!?
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Biting MIte

You have some species of Biting Mites.  Often Bird Mites and Rat Mites enter the home if they have been living in the nest of a host in the attic.  Once the host leaves the nest, the Mites will enter the home to seek a blood meal.  You may see additional information on our site at this posting from our archives.  There is also a very informative dialog on this BugGuide posting.

Thank you so much!!!  We have been in a “full blown, flipped out panic” all day, in fear of possible bedbugs.  I tried to research rat mites, but found no similar photos.  The photos you provided match exactly.  Their size is about 1 mm.  Certainly not the 2 to 5 mm that bedbugs are said to be.  And ironically reassuring is the fact that last year, we discovered a roof rat infestation in our air conditioning ducts.  I personally removed and replaced all the duct work, sealed up the attic, and hired a pest company to monitor the problem with traps.  There has been no sign or the rats for 7 months, but I’m sure the mites can remain in nesting material for a while.
If you would, humor us with a reassurance that these aren’t bedbugs, and if you have any tips for repellent or eradication we welcome them.
Once again-THANK YOU
Dean, Naz, and Zande

Dear Dean, Naz and Zande,
Be reassured they are not Bed Bugs.  Mites can be difficult to eradicate, but knowing that you had a rat problem that has been eliminated should eventually lead to the decline in the Mite population.

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  1. Hi,
    Im from the North Island of New Zealand and have similar looking bugs that have over taken my couch! After reading this i checked for any signs of rats in our roof, walls and under the house and found nothing. I know they’re not bed bugs or carpet beetles because these critters are just way too small! Do you have any ways of getting rid of them or even if you have an idea of anything else they could be? If the imformation helps we also have a dog..

    Thank you!


  2. Well thats fair enough and i understand that. Well is there anything we can do too naturally deter them from wanting to be in our home?

    • We don’t know, but perhaps one of our readers will be able to write in and comment. We can’t even figure out how to get rid of the Argentine Ants that have infested our grounds.

  3. Hi
    I live in Asia three month ago i saw one of them walking on my phone’s screen and now i see lots of them every day they usually walk on my phone and computer’s screen today i found about 1000 of them in our roof they’re a lot and i can do nothing about you have any advice?

  4. We have the same problem with getting bit at nite or i do but my husband does not they get on my hair while I’m sleeping what could this be it’s not bed bugs or they would bite our skin it’s been several months now


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