Subject: Fly with plumes
Location: North Sydney, Australia
June 6, 2017 9:18 pm
A colleague sent me a picture of this insect she found. Whilst my first thought was that some unfortunate insect had met its end by Cordyceps, I was told it was definitely alive.
I presume therefore this is a male specimen of some species, but I don’t know where to start to id this.
Could you help me? Thanks!
Signature: Fe

Bird of Paradise Fly

Dear Fe,
This is a male Mealybug, sometimes called a Bird of Paradise Fly, a statement we verified on the Brisbane Insect site, where it states:  “As a member in the Mealy Bugs family, Bird of Paradise Fly is unbelievable large. Females grow up to 40mm, the largest in Soft Bug suborder. Bird of Paradise Fly is an incredible insect. It Adult males have only one pair of wings. When we first it we thought it could be a fly in order Diptera. After we saw the female and we were confused. We cannot tell even the order of this insect. More information and pictures on Bird of Paradise Fly please click this page. “

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Location: Sydney, Australia

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