Subject: Resend Please?
Location: Western North Carolina (outside Asheville)
August 4, 2012 9:50 am
I recently asked you about a bug identification of the attached photo. I just accidentally deleted your message (which was in my spam folder), and as it turns out, there’s no way to get it back. I didn’t even get to read the message. (Note to self: Drink more coffee before trying to do email in the morning.) Can you please resend your response? Thank you so much, and my deepest apologies for my morning-brain stupidity!
Signature: Starlie

Birch Sawfly

Hi Starlie,
We cannot recall if there was additional information in your original email.  This is a Birch Sawfly Larva,
Arge pectoralis, and we fear it is not well.  There is an unusual constriction in the body that makes us suspect that this individual might have fallen prey to a Tachinid or Chalcid or some other parasitoid that has laid her egg on the Sawfly which now has an internal parasite eating away at its internal organs.  Or, it might be that your aerial perspective shot shows the typical curve of the body with the terminal abdominal segments appearing to create a constriction.  You can refer to this BugGuide image as well as the BugGuide information page for more details on the Birch Sawfly.

Location: North Carolina

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