Which Bioluminescent Insects are found in Pilbara, Western Australia????

Subject: Bioluminescence in Pilbara, Western Australia
Location: Pilbara, WA, Australia
February 17, 2014 2:47 am
Does anyone know of any insects in the Pilbara, WA that glow in the dark? I was out walking near Jarndunmunha the other night and I found three insects each on a corner of what appeared to be a web flashing in the dark.
Any ideas?
Signature: Jap Tom

Pilbara, Australia, we presume
Pilbara, Western Australia, we presume

Dear Jap Tom,
We are presuming that the attached image is of Pilbara, Western Australia, where the bioluminescent  sighting occurred.  According to Wet Tropics:  “The glow worm isn’t a worm at all, but the larvae or maggot of a mosquito-like fly. Only three glow worms have been described in Australia .”
  North American Glowworms are beetle larvae, so we already have conflicting information based on common names in different hemispheres.  We will attempt to research this topic more, but in the interim, we are posting your letter so our readership can participate in the dialog.  We wish you had been able to supply an image of the actual insects.


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