Bioluminescence in Venezuela

Subject: Iridovirus?
Location: Venezuela
April 26, 2013 9:02 pm
Hi, I had never seen a lighted grub, so I searched on the web and found something about iridoviruses? Is this the case? Or it is a firefly grub? This pic was taken in south america (Venezuela).
Signature: Javier P.


Dear Javier,
We are not familiar enough with the bioluminescence patterns of South American creatures to determine the identity of the creature you saw.  Larvae and adults of many Glowworms and Fireflies have bioluminescence.  You can begin by searching for information on the Bioluminescent Beetles website.
  The only references in our archive on Iridovirus pertain to Sow Bugs turning a blue color, and there is nothing about them glowing.

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