Subject: Kissing Bug??
Location: Wetumpka, Alabama
November 29, 2015 10:53 am
I found this bug in our backyard under the bedroom window. We live in Wetumpka, Alabama. Our backyard is rather “woodsy” — with a ton of trees and falling leaves. I’ve seen a lot of fuss over this ?kissing bug? in the news and on social media. I have a 6 month old lab who spends a quite of bit of time outside during the day. We are renting this home and have found that it is not adequately sealed and now I worry about an “infestation” of this bug in its wingless or larve form! Please let me know if this is in fact the” infamous” Kissing Bug. And if so how we can protect our home, family, & puppy. Thanks, Dee Capps
Signature: Dee Capps – Wetumpka, Alabama

Big Legged Plant Bug

Big Legged Plant Bug

Dear Dee,
You may release this benign Big Legged Plant Bug in the genus
Acanthocephala back into the woods.  It is not a Kissing Bug and it is no threat to you or your family.

Thank you SO much for your quick response. I am so glad that he wasn’t a kissing bug!

Location: Wetumpka, Alabama

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