Subject: A bug I found outside last night on my trash can
Location: Tennessee
April 6, 2017 8:15 am
Can u please tell me what kind of bug this is? It was huge and everyone keeps saying assassin or kissing bug…but I don’t think it is…it looked like a huge stink bug…but I’ve never seen one this big!
Signature: Gina

Big Legged Plant Bug

Dear Gina,
This is a Big Legged Plant Bug in the genus
Acanthocephala, probably Acanthocephala declivis which is pictured on BugGuide.  Big Legged Plant Bugs and Stink Bugs are both classified in the same suborder, Heteroptera, hence your observation regarding their similarities.

Thank u so much for the info…glad it wasn’t one of the other dangerous ones!!

Location: Tennessee

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