Subject: Palm sized beetle?
Location: Houston Texas
December 10, 2015 9:32 pm
Found this palm sized bug on my way home. Any clue what it is? I’ve tried looking it up everywhere and it’s not coming up.
Signature: Joan

Big Legged Plant Bug

Big Legged Plant Bug

Dear Joan,
This is not a beetle.  It is a Big Legged Plant Bug in the genus
Acanthocephala.  Based on the BugGuide description “Antennae uniformly colored, dull reddish or orangish,” we conclude your species is the Florida Leaf Footed Bug, Acanthocephala femorata, and because “male hind femur greatly swollen and bearing a large spike; female hind femur slender and bearing several small spikes” we conclude this is a female.

Location: Houston, Texas

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