Big Legged Bug

Subject: First Bug to identify, many to come
Location: Tuxtla Guiérrez, Chiapas, México
December 5, 2013 9:12 am
Hi, I was relaxing on my patio yesterday, when this little (?) friend came to a flowerpot no more than a couple meters from me, waited a few moments, and then flew away. I was so amazed by its big hind legs that fortunately, I could take a couple pics.
Thank you for the help!
Signature: Juan

Big Legged Bug
Big Legged Bug

Hi Juan,
You may be amused to learn that your True Bug is in the family Coreidae, and the members are called as Big Legged Bugs.  Though your photo is blurry we suspect it may be a member of the genus
Acanthocephela.  You can get additional information on the genus on BugGuide.

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