Big Legged Bug

Subject: Curious like a tank bug, FL 32960
Location: Vero Beach, Florida 32960
April 14, 2016 6:58 am
Dear Bugman,
Trusting this finds you well. Quick outline, have spotted this particular bug a baker’s dozen times in the last ten years in the city of Vero Beach Treasure Coast of Florida US. I have posted pick on fb, but don’t know what species it is. It is a curious and slow moving creature. Size wise 1/4′ heigh x 1″ long, dark in color with orange dots on the end of the antenai (sp?)
If you can identify, at your conveniece that would be cool. I’ll check out a few other resources too, and post back if I find anything interesting.
Florida Tank Bug
Signature: Curious about a bug

Big Legged Bug
Big Legged Bug

This is a Big Legged Bug in the genus Acanthocephala.  Though your image is blurry, based on your location and your description about the “orange dots on the end of the antenai,” we are relatively confident this is Acanthocephala terminalis, a species well represented on BugGuide.

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