Big Eared Blister Beetle from Nicaragua: Cissites auriculata

Subject: BIG crazy beetle Nicaragua
Location: Playa Guasacate, Nicaragua
May 3, 2015 1:20 pm
Hello Mr. Bugman,
I am very curious what this large beetle might be. I looked all over online but did not find anything.
It was approx. 2 inches long, very orange big pincers on front and had large black spots. It almost looked fake! Cool and scary looking little guy. Would you be able to identify him for me?
Oh yes and I found it in the Southwest beach town called Playa Guasacate, Nicaragua.
Signature: Bug mystery solved

Blister Beetle:  Cissites auriculata
Blister Beetle: Cissites auriculata

The first time we received an image of this unusual Big Eared Blister Beetle, Cissites auriculata, we didn’t even recognize it as a member of the family.  According to BugGuide, it is found:  “w. & so. TX to Costa Rica; W. Indies” and “only recently (2004) found in the US” perhaps as a symptom of global warming.

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