Belzebul Bee Eater

Subject: Bee killer- Mallophora leschenaulti
Location: New Braunfels, Texas
August 19, 2013 7:23 am
Hey bugman, I thought you might like these photos of a bee killer ( Mallophora leschenaulti) that I came across about a week ago. It was probably the largest robber fly I have ever seen. I posted the pics to bugguide and was given this ID. I hope you enjoy my photos of this impressive insect as much as I enjoy visiting your website multiple times per day!
Signature: Michael

Belzebul Bee Killer
Belzebul Bee Killer

Hi Michael,
One of our favorite reasons for posting photos of
Mallophora leschenaulti is that the common name is the Belzebul Bee Eater.  There is a long history of associating Satan with flies and the person that gave this adept hunter its common name must have found it to be among the most demonic looking of flies.  While we do not endorse demonizing insects unnecessarily, we are amused by the common name nonetheless.  

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