Beetles from Singapore: Tiger Beetle and Darkling Beetle

Location: Singapore
May 29, 2011 12:19 am
Please help to idenditfy these 2 beetles.
Is the beetle in pic 1 a Cicindelidae
( Tiger Beetle )?
The beetle shown in pic 2 & 3 has two humps on its neck. What is it?
Thanks & regards
Signature: Lance

Tiger Beetle:  Neocollyris celebensis

Hi Lance,
We agree that the green beetle does seem to resemble the Tiger Beetles in the subfamily Cicindelidae.  Furthermore, we believe the two beetles you have submitted have many similarities and they may be closely related.  Hopefully our readership may be able to contribute a more specific identification.

Possibly a Darkling Beetle

Update:  April 8, 2013
We have been advised through comments that neither beetle is likely a Tiger Beetle.  The second photo has been tentatively identified as a Darkling Beetle in the genus
 Strongylium, thanks to a comment from David who has an image posted on FlickR.

Update:  December 1, 2013
A comment from David Moh just arrived and we agree that the upper image appears to be the Tiger Beetle
Neocollyris celebensis, which is pictured on Southeast Asian Beetles.


9 thoughts on “Beetles from Singapore: Tiger Beetle and Darkling Beetle”

  1. I don’t know who they are but they aren’t Tiger Beetles. If you look at the upper jaws of the beetle on the first picture, you see that they are not fit for chewing animals.

  2. The upper photo (blue beetle) is certainly a tiger beetle (Collyris sp. or related). However, the lower photo (brown beetle) is unrelated. I think it may be a tenebrionid, or related?

  3. I believe the second beetle is a darkling beetle not a Tiger beetle. Possibly a Strongyline Darkling Beetle. (Tenebrionidae as mentioned by stho002).


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