Deathwatch Beetle with Pectinate Antennae

What the heck IS that ?!?!
Location: ontario, canada
June 25, 2011 8:03 pm
Hi there !
I have a stumper for you (or maybe not?).
Found this little guy on the inside of my kitchen window. Never saw a bug like him. I didn’t size him, but i have a feeling the weird things on his head will give him away.
Thanks so much for checking out my pic !
Betty Doerksen,
Ontario, Canada
Signature: bettythecanadianmenno

Deathwatch Beetle

Dear bettythecanadianmenno,
We wish your photo had more detail.  We don’t believe this is a False Click Beetle, and we haven’t a clue what else it might be.  Here is a photo of a False Click Beetle from the What’s Bugging You? website that is somewhat similar.  We have requested assistance from Eric Eaton.

Eric Eaton identifies the Deathwatch Beetle
No, this is a great image of a deathwatch beetle, specifically Ptilinus ruficornis:
Only males have the weird antennae.
Not a structural pest as far as I am aware.

Thank you so much ! I appreciate it. As you know, he was very tiny (just a few mm), so it was hard to take a clear enough macro pic.
Thanks again for identifying him !

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