bug in bend oregon
Dear bugman
i found your site today after i found this weird bug in my BED. It looks to me like some kind of larva, maybe even a termite? I don’t usually freak out about bugs but i do not like bugs in my bed i was hoping you could help me out it looks to me like it has the head of an ant but flatter. it has pinchers or a mouth or what ever that i can see it also has six legs and the rest of it silghtly resembles a worm or caterpilar i killed it olny because in was in my bed. i had just woken up and didn’t like the fact that it was sleeping with me all night. now i have a dog but she has been with my boyfriend for a couple of days and this thing moved fairly fast so i don’t know how it got in there. I deffinatly don’t want any more so if it is a larva i want the rest gone too. I Live in Bend Oregon don’t know if that helps. oh yeah i have had it in a sealed container and maybe its the plastic but it sort of stinks.

It looks to us like a beetle larva of some type. Larvae with forms like that are predatory, which means it was hunting prey and somehow found its way into your bed. Do not worry about an infestation. We are forwarding the photo to a beetle expert to see if he can narrow down the possibilities.

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