Beetle Guitar

Subject: Meet The Beetles
Location: Valley Ford, Ca.
February 9, 2014 5:52 pm
I built this guitar in 2013, with insects harvested from beetle farms around the world. The effect at guitar shows has been pretty much what I expected, from people being creeped out to people in love with it. One woman asked me, “Where are the beetles from?”, and I told her, “Liverpool.”
The body is a poured polyester resin that took 8 days to complete, and the neck is carbon graphite. I inlaid various beetles on the fingerboard for position markers. It was quite difficult to construct, and I’m not interested in making another one, so whoever buys it is going to have a unique piece of playable artwork.
Signature: Larry Robinson

Guitar embellished with real beetles
Guitar embellished with real beetles

Dear Larry,
This is truly an amazing looking guitar.  The real beetles appear to be mostly Scarabs and Buprestids or Jewel Beetles, which are both prized by collectors.  We are happy to learn that these were “farmed” beetles and not captured in the wild.  For the record, some of the “beetles” you created with the inlay work on the neck are actually true bugs.

Inlayed insects on Guitar neck
Inlayed insects on Guitar neck

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply.  I originally wanted to stick with true beetles but was attracted to other species after seeing their markings. I figured you would get a kick out of it.
Best wishes,


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