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August 4, 2011 6:24 pm
I submitted a photo mid last month hoping you could help me. I fully acknowledge that you state you are a small team and don’t manage to respond to everyone. My question is how long should a person wait before they assume you weren’t able to help them? E.g. If I haven’t heard or seen it on your site by now should I assume you couldn’t help me?
Thanks in advance.
Signature: Kristin hoskin

Hi Kristin,
As you indicated, we cannot answer all of our mail.  Please resubmit your image and questions to this email and we will try to respond.  Don’t forget to include your location since you will not be using the form this time.

Original information from early July
thank you. Sorry for the delay in reply. I’ve been sick and was not checking emails. Here is my submission response email.
The location of the photo was Bosque, Texas. My home location is Christchurch, New Zealand.
Your submitted question:
I’ve been visiting Texas and chasing bugs because they move slower than the birds there and I have a better chance of getting a good shot. I’m having trouble finding the name of this one though. Can you help? The photo file name is the date and time the photo was taken in Zulu not Central US Daylight Savings Time if that helps with identification.


Ed. Note:  To be continued …

August 9, 2011
Since Mom is visiting the editorial staff, we are trying to limit the time we spend online.  This appeared to us to be a Leaf Beetle, but we did not recognize it and Leaf Beetles can be quite difficult to identify properly, so we wrote to Eric Eaton to get his opinion.  Here is his response.

Eric Eaton’s opinion
Not positive, but I’m thinking it is a leaf beetle, Anomoea nitidicollis:
Larvae are casebearers.

Thank you. I’ll keep surfing based on that to find out more about them.
I must say – you do a great job. I spent several hours on bug photos today and was pleased at the end of my efforts to have identified five of them. How you do so many amazes me!

Location: Texas

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