Beelike Hover Fly

Fuzzy yellow bum…
Hi (again),
I just sent you some pictures of a Wool Carder Bee that I found in my backyard – I’d identified him through your site but hoped that you might like his glamour shots. This time I’m hoping you can help me identify this guy – I’ve tried looking for info myself but haven’t had any luck. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to give me something to call him/her other than "Little Yellow Bum". Thanks,

Hi again SJ,
Thanks for another astounding photo. This is a Beelike Hover Fly, probably in the genus Mallota if we have correctly matched the images on BugGuide. We will see if Eric Eaton can verify this or take it to the species level.

Correction (09/20/2007) Forwarded through Eric Eaton
I have a second question, how to get in contact with the people from “Whats that bug”? So maybe you can email the people and give them the answer to their question. Also further down they have … a suspected “Mallota” which is a Merodon equestris. Cheers

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