Bee-Like Robber Fly

Subject: Wasp, Bug, or Something Else?
Location: Anacortes, WA
June 2, 2016 7:55 pm
This pretty thing was on a stump next to my kitchen garden this morning. It was about an inch long. Can anyone identify it, please?
Signature: Lorien Shaw

Bee-Like Robber Fly
Bee-Like Robber Fly

Dear Lorien,
This is one of the predatory Bee-Like Robber Flies in the genus
Laphria, and we believe it resembles Laphria columbica which is pictured on BugGuide, but we would not rule out another species like Laphria astur which is also pictured on BugGuide, or possibly another member of the genus.  Members of the genus found in the western portions of North America are pictured on

After quite a bit of internet research, I had strong suspicion it was likely one of the predator critters, and I’m delighted to have a more specific direction for my queries.  Thanks so much for the assistance!

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