Bee Killer, but what species???

Subject: Possible Bee Killer Robber Fly
Location: Auburndale, FL
September 4, 2013 1:16 pm
Not sure if this is a Southern or Florida Bee Killer, or just another type of Robber Fly. Super pretty, whatever it is.
Signature: Sharon

Bee Killer
Bee Killer

Hi Sharon,
This is a stunning photo of a stunning Robber Fly.  We agree that it is a Bee Killer in the genus Mallophora, however we are not certain of the species.  Unlike the images of the Southern Bee Killer on BugGuide which have a black tipped abdomen, your individual has a yellow tip on the abdomen.  There is one Bee Killer also from Florida on BugGuide with the identical markings to your Bee Killer, however it is not identified to the species level.

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  1. They are west of you on the coast as well. Eats the occasional honey bee. Brilliant yellows and vibrant blacks. Thought it was a wasp of sorts. Look like a harmless bumble bee, devious.


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