Bee Killer

Subject: What’s This!
Location: Inglewood, California (Southern, CA)
August 17, 2016 4:48 pm
I was walking from my car to work in Inglewood, CA today, August 17, 2016, and found this guy on my way. I would say he\she was about an inch to an inch and 1/2 long and pretty stout. Could you please help me identify?
Signature: Amanda Paull

Bee Killer
Bee Killer

Dear Amanda,
This is
Mallophora fautrix, the only Bee Killer, a Robber Fly in the genus Mallophora, found in California, though according to BugGuide there are six species found in North America, including the formidable Belzebul Bee-Eater from Texas. 

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