Bee Fly in Swimming Pool

Subject: Bee? Fly? Wasp? Insect?
Location: Adairsville, Georgia, USA
May 30, 2016 4:43 am
These things with a pointy mouth like to float in my swimming pool for several minutes then fly off. I can approach them and touch them. Other than flapping their wings a little bit, they keep on floating. What are they? Can they bite or sting me? We’ve had this pool since 2009 and last year was the first time these showed up. There were only a couple last year at a time. This year there’s maybe a dozen in the pool at one time.
Signature: Darla

Bee Fly
Bee Fly

Dear Darla,
This is a harmless Bee Fly in the family Bombyliidae, a group of pollinating insects.  They do not bite nor sting.  We are curious what is attracting them to your pool.  This behavior does not seem normal, and we are guessing they are accidentally flying into the pool after visiting blossoms nearby.  We do not believe they are purposely taking a dip.  Because we will be out of the office for a spell in June, we are postdating your submission to go live to our site during our absence.

I’m very glad to hear this!  Our pool is an above ground pool in Adairsville, GA.  We were out there again yesterday and about 1:00 PM, they started stopping by again.  They float in the water for several minutes then fly away.  If we touch them, they flap their wings a little but go back to floating.  I cupped my hand under a couple of them and let the water roll off gently leaving the Bee Fly on my hand.  They would then fly off quickly.  Our pool has chlorine in it.  They were still there when we got out of the pool about 4:00 PM.  They come and go throughout the day.  If you figure out why they are coming to the pool, I’d love to know.  Sounds like it could be interesting!
Thank you,
Darla Williams

6 thoughts on “Bee Fly in Swimming Pool”

  1. We had some of these around our pool last night too. Except they seemed to be attacking us. Have no idea why! We were only swimming. They bit though! There was 3 of them. Unless they were something else completely? But if that’s the case, then what are they? They really ruined a good time. Had to get out of the pool.

  2. It is possible they are attracted to the color of the pool. They don’t sting or bite. If these animals are near you, there must be flowers and open space nearby. That is good.

  3. We have tiny bees in our above ground pool. They showed up a few years ago. And, yes, they do sting. It’s gotten worse every year. Now there are hundreds a day. We can’t lay in the pool. We get in and direct them to he skimmer. Help !!!

  4. They do sting or bite! and dive they do not just float they swim and Fly! We are in eastern MT. it is August and our pool just seemed to get an infest over night. I have been in many various waters and have never seen this insect. Flying diving stingray they use their wings as fins also. Their mosquito type stinger does leave a painful sore


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