Subject: Please identify…
Location: 44°45’30” North and 76°29’52” West
July 13, 2012 11:22 am
Could you please identify the insect in the image. I took the image July 12th 2012 at Farren Lake, Ontario, Canada. The insect which somewhat resembles a mosquito was basking in the sun on the deck umbrella. I’ve showed the image to several people, no one recolonizes what it is…
Thank you for your time.
Signature: Daniel Hills

Bee Fly

Hi Daniel,
This unusual hump-backed creature is a Bee Fly in the genus
LepidophoraWe believe it is Lepidophora lutea because it has a more northerly distribution according to reports on Bugguide.  It is also noted on Bugguide that:  “Larvae develop in solitary wasp nests as either kleptoparasites or parasites.”  The family members are known as bee flies because many members resemble bees and they visit flowers for nectar.  Unlike bees, they do not sting.

Location: Canada

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