Bee Flies swarm acid green safety vest

Flying insect
Location: Central Western Oklahoma
October 4, 2011 11:22 pm
I got swarmed by these when wearing a yellow/green safety vest, but they left me alone after I took it off. I doubt they can even bite, but I didn’t like them swarming me. The subject of the first two pictures tried landing in my ear; I stunned him when I swatted him away and thus the pictures. The one in the white background sat still enough for me to photogragh him. They’re just larger than houseflies and have many of the same attributes (flying patterns, iridescent wings, compound eyes, etc.) Any thoughts? I’ve not seen them before.
Signature: Carson in Oklahoma

Bee Fly

Dear Carson,
We are positively fascinated that you were swarmed by Bee Flies, while wearing one of those acid green safety vests.  There must be some light reflectance of the vest that is similar to certain blossoms that the Bee Flies feed upon.  Bee Flies are harmless.  Many flowers are yellow.  Here is a Bee Fly on BugGuide that is attracted to a yellow flower.  We are not sure of your species, but you may search BugGuide for that identification.

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