A true bug?
I came across this bug on my sunflower, in Phoenix Az. My grandaughter( 8) just loves bugs and wanted to play with him, she had a great time looking at the photos on your site. After reaching for the camera to snap it first, I scoured your site but still did not find it. It appears to be maybe a nymph of a true bug variety. Could not find a pic just like it though. Your help in identifying it would be most appreciated.
Thanks, Elaine

Hi Elaine,
Bee Assassins are True Bugs, but we have several pages devoted specifically to Assassin Bugs. Bee Assassins are in the genus Apiomerius. Careful, they will bite. Your specimen is a winged adult.

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  1. drswanny says:

    This is the yellow-bellied bee assassin, Apiomerus flaviventris, fairly common in Arizona.

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