Bed Bugs or Head Louse in Arhus, Denmark?

Hi Bugman,

I want to apologize for the graphic of these pictures. They were taken very fast because we had to check out of our hotel room, and were initially only pictures to send to my mom— But its been almost a week now and I’m still freaking out about what it could be.

I spent last Saturday-Sunday at a hotel in Denmark (Århus) with two girlfriends. They slept in the double bed and I slept in the bunkbed above them (But spent some time in the double bed) .

In the morning, as we were about to leave, we spotted strange spots on the sheets in the middle of the double bed, and not long after a tiny bug crawling close to it. Our initial thought was a louse, But the trail had us thinking a bed bug, But the shape is questionable. Once I came home I had all my stuff and clothes thrown in plastic bags and packed away either in the freezer or outside for the week. I showered and had my mom check my hair 3 times for lice (I am very anxious about bugs). She didn’t find anything. My hair isn’t itching But I don’t have any itchy bite marks on my body either. Could it be an entirely different bug? Maybe a booklice? Any help will be so much appreciated!


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Hi Marie,

This was a difficult insect to identify, just because the picture wasn’t so clear and the insect is so small. My best guess is that this is some sort of head louse. I am not 100% certain, but given the shape and color, and the fact that it was found in a hotel room, a louse seems like the most likely culprit.

Even if we aren’t sure if it’s a head louse, or book louse, Marie did the right thing by freezing all of her clothes and belongings after her trip. If she keeps them frozen for 3-4 days, then any hitchhiking lice or eggs will be killed and she doesn’t have to worry about bringing them into her home.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep checking for head lice, and look for bites or itching by using head lice spray and a comb. Luckily, Marie probably dodged this one by being proactive and taking steps to minimize an infestation. The same is true if you find bed bugs in a hotel room. Contact the hotel, freeze your belongings, and take extra precautions not to bring them into your home.  If all else fails, call a pest control professional to help.


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