Bed Bugs and Larder Beetles in New York

Subject: ID bugs
Location: New York
December 10, 2013 8:09 pm
Would like to know what type of bugs these are
Thank you
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Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

The smaller, brown insects are Bed Bugs and you should probably seek professional assistance with their eradication.  The larger striped insects are Larder Beetles.  They are a nuisance that infests stored foods.

Larder Beetles
Larder Beetles

1 thought on “Bed Bugs and Larder Beetles in New York”

  1. We have what appears to be a larder bettle INFESTATION.. uhgg We have been dealing with them for the last 8 months.. every since we moved into our new house.. we have even highered professionals and even with them treating our issues we can NOT SEEM to get rid of these very real pest.. i wonder thou is there any other bug that appears to look exactally the same?? With our bettles we have NOT, NOT even once found them anywhere near any food source in our entire house.. we leave out dry catfood in a auto dispenser and our dog food sits under the dog dish TOTALLY easy to get to and most def. Is not sealed.. i have never found them or any signs of them in any human food souce either.. their favorite places to hang out are under the dishwasher. Also our 2 bathrooms, in both halls outside of these 2 bathrooms and lastly under the heat register along 1 wall in our front room where we have hard wood floors..oh i almost forgot that we have a empty mother inlaw apartment.. they seem to like to hide under and around my cardboard boxes that i have down there.. and in a dif basement that is also full of cardboard boxes.. the is nothing in these boxes that would be considered a food source for larder bettles.. and for the 1st time yesterday i found 1 of them flying like crazy around the kitchen.. we have tried desperately everything we can or have found to eliminate these nasty bettles.. I am at my wits end on what to do..


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