Bed Bugs infest Child's Stroller

Found in kids stroller
October 25, 2009
Hi! Today I observed several insects in the stroller where my 7 months son was sleeping. After excamining the stroller I found lots of them in different folds of the fabric aswell. I find this quite shocking and like to know what kind of insect this is. We have been experiencing lous earlier, but they’re longer and thinner than these buggers.

Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Dear Trond,
Throw the stroller away immediately and have your home or apartment checked out professionally.  This is an immature Bed Bug.  It is probably sucking your child’s blood.  There was just an article in the Los Angeles Times about using dogs to sniff out Bed Bug infestations in homes.  It is very difficult to eradicate Bed Bugs once they are established, and professional are required.

Thanks for your quick reply, although I cannot say I’m pleased. Have been running around the house whole night looking for signs of other infestations, but so far I’ve found nothing. My wife said that she’s been seeing the typical black dots in his strollers madras before, and they went off in the wash. She said she wondered why they came back, but we sure know nowL I don’t know why we’re not finding any other places they are hiding, since it has to have been there for some time. Dismounted our bed this morning, not a single sign there, nor in cracks, below or beneath it. But I sure left my wife in a state of terror knowing the bugs must be somewhere.

Comment from Eric Eaton
The bed bugs in the baby stroller may actually be confined to the stroller.  Maybe the stroller was parked overnight at someone else’s house?  In a motel?  Hostel?  If baby is in the stroller with any regularity, then the bed bugs would have no reason to leave the stroller to look for another “host.”  The parents need to consider where else the stroller has been, and notify the other family or lodging establishment.  Bed bugs have been found on planes, trains (and automobiles?), so it is not out of the question to consider a stroller as another kind of vehicle.

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  1. Wow this is really shocking. I would recommend getting rid of the stroller immediately and checking other areas of your house to make sure they haven’t nested else where. Bed bugs are known to be vectors for disease so please make sure your home is checked. Wish you all the best!


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