Bed Bug we believe

What type of bug is this please?
Location: Buffalo, NY
December 1, 2011 1:58 pm
What type of bug is this please?
I added my correct email address. Previous one was misspelled. Thanks!
Signature: Dev

Bed Bug

Dear Dev,
First we apologize for the delay.  We have a small staff and we are unable to respond to all the requests that we receive.  Our identification requests are at their lowest with the arrival of winter in North America, so we are trying to catch up on some unanswered mail.  Had we responded sooner, you might have begun taking steps to ensure that you do not develop an infestation.  We get many frantic requests to identify creatures found in beds because of growing internet and journalistic coverage on increasing populations of Bed Bugs, especially in urban centers.  Most of those identification requests are false alarms, however in your case, we believe you have a real Bed Bug.  You should probably seek some professional assistance if you have any indication that there are more Bed Bugs at the location where this individual was found.

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