Bed Bug and Bites

Subject: Found it on my pillow
Location: Anaheim, CA
July 27, 2013 12:56 pm
Last night (7/26/13) I was getting ready for bed and went to fluff my pillow. Under the pillow I noticed some specks on the mattress that looked almost like lint. And then a bug crawled out from under the pillow. I caught it and tossed it in a ziploc bag. I did squish it and blood came out. For the past few weeks I have been finding unexplained bites all over my arms and back. I have nee outside a lot and attributed the bites to mosquitoes. Now I am wondering, is this a bed bug?
Signature: Sarah Beth

Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Dear Sarah,
Most requests we get to identify alleged Bed Bugs are for Carpet Beetles or other creatures.  Sadly, this is not the case for you.  This is certainly a Bed Bug and based on the number of bites you have, we fear it is not alone in your bed.  You should seek professional assistance with this situation.

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