Subject: I need to know what this is
Location: East central Wisconsin
July 30, 2015 8:13 pm
I need to find out exactly what this bug is. I’ve done all the things my landlord told me to do to get rid of them, and i just found this one… i just want to make sure she was correct with what she told me it was and what i should be doing to get rid of them. Thank you.
Signature: Frustrated

Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Dear Frustrated,
We don’t know what your landlady told you, but this is a Bed Bug, a blood sucking insect that will bite you in your sleep.  If there is one Bed Bug in your apartment, chances are there are more.  Bed Bugs can be very difficult to eradicate, but our suggestion is that you take immediate action.

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Location: Wisconsin

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