Bed Bug

Subject: Please help me.
Location: Desert, inside bedroom, 70 degrees Fahrenheit room temperature.
April 18, 2015 4:21 pm
I was in a panic today trying to figure out what type of bug this is. I have found three in various places on my bedroom walls in the past month. Today, I moved my bed and found about five or six, some dead, some moving, in the corner of my room. My mother is convinced that it’s a desert roach, since we live in the southwest, and I’m thinking that it’s a bedbug.
I checked my bed and found only two living ones in the corner facing my wall. I cleaned my room, sprayed it, vacuumed. The works. Now I’m still unsure of what type of bug this is and I’m worried that I’ll find more, even though I’ve done a top to bottom cleaning in my bedroom.
Right now, it’s spring, the middle of April. I found a couple in the middle of March. I came back from a trip using a piece of luggage from the garage which has a couple roaches, unfortunately. I checked the mattress and room I slept in for any signs of bugs. Nothing. Not sure where these bugs are coming from or what they are. Please help. I’m panicking. I’ve never been in this situation before.
Signature: Complicated One

Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Dear Complicated One,
This is a blood-sucking Bed Bug and you should probably seek professional assistance with the problem.

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