Bed Bug

Subject: Bugs in my bed
Location: Central Virginia
April 17, 2015 9:48 pm
I have had a problem recently with bug bites on my skin. Here recently I have found a few bugs crawling on my bed at night. I am terrified that they are bedbugs or I have some other type of infestation going on in my house. These were 2 different bugs. The second one I squeezed and blood came out but it kept moving!! Please help!
Signature: Petrified of bugs & bites

Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Dear Petrified of bugs & bites,
Both images are of Bed Bugs and you might want to seek professional assistance with your problem.

1 thought on “Bed Bug”

  1. Biggest thing to do before pest control arrives is to wash all clothes and to inspect your bed. If you see them, make a decision on if you want to throw the bed. If you throw out bed, you will get relief quicker within home… But now you have no bed. If you call the professionals, they can guarantee removal and you keep bed. In this situation I’d call the pros and bite the bullet.


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