Beautiful Unknown Caterpillar is Tetrio Sphinx

(now identified thanks to Erika)

What’s That Bug?
I found this caterpillar in our yard today and was wondering if you could help us identify the type. I’ve looked all over the web and found many that look close – but not with the strips. We live in South Florida (The Florida Keys) and don’t see many caterpillars. Thanks in advance!
The Alderman’s
P.S. Thanks for all the great information on your site!

Hi there Aldermans,
I have also tried unsucessfully to identify your beautiful caterpillar. Because you live in a tropical area there are many species that are not listed in books and on identification websites. We will continue to search.

Ed Note: August 23, 2009
We are working on our archive, subcategorizing the caterpillars, and we realized we never properly identified this Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillar.

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