Barklice, AKA Tree Cattle

What are these???
Location: St. Johns, MI 48879
July 26, 2011 3:03 pm
I have found clusters of these on almost all of my trees in our yard. Some of the the trees are dying 🙁 They fit the characteristics of the Emerald Ash borer, however do not look like any of the pictures I have found. Some have black/clear wings, some don’t. The ones without wings have yellowish and black stripes. There are a few in each cluster that are white. ?????
Signature: Jessi

Tree Cattle

Hi Jessi,
This is an aggregation of Barklice, commonly called Tree Cattle.  They are benign creatures that feed on lichens and they will not harm your tree.  The trees may be dying from other reasons, and dying trees might foster the growth of lichens, which your Barklice are feeding upon.  They are a symptom of a problem, not a cause.  Your photo shows winged adults as well as striped nymphs.

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