Subject: please help me, I’ve looked everywhere. ..
Location: South Central Pa
July 14, 2017 6:29 pm
I found these on a Crabapple tree…. my 8 year old son and I have been poring over pictures to find out what they are… we are in south central Pa, and it’s in July. ..
Signature: Renee and J


Dear Renee and J,
Home gardeners are often quite alarmed when they find large colonies of winged adult and wingless immature Barklice on their trees.  Barklice are commonly called Tree Cattle.  There is no cause for concern.  Barklice will not harm the trees.  According to BugGuide, they eat:  “accumulations of fungi, algae, lichen, dead bark and other materials that occur on tree trunks and large limbs.”

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